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6 Chattanooga neighborhoods to watch

(Photo: Todd Henon Properties)

Wanna be on the leading edge of what’s trending in the Chattanooga real estate community, what’s next on the coin of the realm, the tip of the spear?

Technology corridors (thank you, Zach Wamp), VWs (not your mom’s VW bug or Vanagon), an Innovation District, the country’s fastest internet (thank you to Harold DePriest and Joe Ferguson) and a host of other things have turned Chattanooga into now what is just a plain ol’ cool place to live!

Along with the positive reputation and growth come real estate questions: What and where is the next X on the map for those who have a real estate interest? Here are six areas to watch and be aware of as our community continues its dynamic growth and enjoys its positive national reputation (all due respect to Walter Cronkite, circa 1969).

Southside and wonderful Main Street
Wow, if you can get it … It’s getting pricier by the minute. It doesn’t take long to find single-family homes selling for over $175 per square foot. Will it continue its growth? I suspect so. It certainly hasn’t shown any signs of turning down lately. What seem to be the biggest challenges right now for homebuyers in the 37408 ZIP are low inventory and price points moving north.

Amazing. Highland Park’s wonderful, neighborly, front porch culture is leading the charge in downtown growth. Still available are some stunning properties that speak of Chattanooga’s historic past while embracing its proud new identity!

Broad Street
Gotta love Calvary Chapel. Ethan Collier and his vision, bravery and the product he is building—well done. With the down-river expansion and completion of the Riverwalk, I can’t help but think and be excited about growth in the Broad Street area and its beautiful older sister community of St. Elmo. These areas are well-deserving and have been patiently waiting on their turn … it’s time!

Red Bank
What a longtime favorite. Red Bank is a workhorse, a community that has worked hard and is becoming a ZIP code of desirability. With its proximity to the North Shore, charming streetscapes, nostalgic homes and reasonable pricing, it’s no small wonder that the inventory is low and the future bright. Check it out.

As a friend of mine used to say, ”Turn your hat around backward and hang on … We are gonna go fast”—growth, growth and more growth. It takes vision, great planning and progressive minds to pull off this hat trick. What more can you say aside from a-ma-zing? Great schools, great employment base, great subdivisions, interstate access and scoot over.

The dark horse, the sleeper, the big dog on the porch … Brainerd! Yes, it’s becoming “midtown.” We are getting ready to watch something pretty special in the land of the levy. City, county and community leaders, those with vision, hope and love, have kicked this can on down the road, and they are putting words into actions. It’s coming and it’s going to be something special. Go grassroots!

And there are more…from Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain and Lookout Valley to Hixson, Soddy-Daisy, East Ridge and Collegedale, there are hotspots galore and plenty of options for those with inquisitive real estate minds. Reach out to a talented Realtor and run them through their paces. You will be pleased with the opportunities our wonderful city and region have to offer those wanting to be a part of the real estate community.