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Hosting a Summer Party

Hosting a Summer Party

A List of Home Prep Tasks for Hosting Friends and Family this Summer

Temperatures are rising and summer is about to be in full swing. While we all know that Chattanooga’s weather can be extremely variant and unpredictable, one thing that is guaranteed is a good amount of heat. While beach trips and other vacations are often a first pick for the summer season in the south, here are a few tips for utilizing your house for hosting.

  1. We all want our homes to be up to date, fresh and clean. If you are hosting a dinner party in your Chattanooga home, you will want the front of your home to have curb appeal. Consider adding new landscaping to your front yard. At the very least, a mow, weed eat, and blow will make a great difference.
  2. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Whether it is the front entryway to your home, dining room, or living area, something as easy and simple as a fresh coat of paint can make your home all the more welcoming.
  3. Backyard space is perfect for a cookout this summer. Utilize the property space that you have. A pressure wash to a walkway, addition of a flower bed, or whitewash to your fence might be the very thing needed to make your backyard stand out.

Whether you are in Chattanooga, a nearby town, or travelling the world this summer, remember these tips for having a bright, welcoming space for hosting friends and family.