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Did Chattanooga Area Real Estate Prices Rise or Fall in 2022?

Rumors and speculation abound, but data + expertise clear the fog. So, how did our local real estate market fare in 2022 and where is it trending?

⬆ 16%

Hamilton County, YTD, Source: GCAR
Record Breaker
  • Hamilton County’s median sales price rose 16% to a historic high in 2022. However, it remains a healthy 22% below the national median, providing an environment for continued appreciation in our local market.
Year End Trends?
  • Hamilton County properties sold at an average of 99.5% of asking price in 2022. However, we are beginning to see more aggressive price negotiations and more price reductions on properties.
Looking Ahead…
  • To avoid a price reduction, Sellers should––from the start––utilize up-to-the-minute data to inform pricing decisions. Pricing should be based on precise comparable properties, expert market knowledge, and your desired timeline for the sale.


20% Faster in 2022

Hamilton County, YTD, Source: GCAR
Fastest in History
  • 16 days on the market was Hamilton County’s average for 2022, making it another record-breaking year for speed of sale.
Year-End Trends?
  • As interest rates and inflation have risen throughout the year, days on market are increasing from an average of 16 for the year as a whole to 25 in recent months across Hamilton County.
Looking Ahead…
  • Understanding current market conditions and being reasonable in negotiations helps speed your sale, while maximizing your ROI.


Supporting Data via Greater Chattanooga Multiple Listing Service



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