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Listen: Today’s Dynamic Real Estate Industry

Realtors Todd Henon and Brittany Fulmer Ennen of Todd Henon Properties join “Let’s Talk Money,” hosted by Jim Place and Jayme O’Donnell of Evergreen Advisors on current local real estate trends. After three decades in the real estate industry, what do these two experts have to say about the recently unusual Chattanooga housing market?

“There’s no question about it, we do not have enough inventory to go around. That has not changed, regardless of the noise inside of the industry.”

Todd Henon, Broker-Realtor TN, GA, AL
30+ Years in Real Estate Industry

The perfect storm: Low inventory and high demand all leading to a competitive atmosphere, shorter time for houses to be on the market, and the highest recorded average home prices.

“The current average days on market is setting the expectation, specifically for sellers, that it’s okay if your house doesn’t go in 24 hours, it’s also okay, if it does go in 30 days.”

Brittany Fulmer Ennen, Licensed Realtor TN + GA

Listen to the full episode here:

To learn about 2022’s interest rates, pricing, average days on the market, and more, listen to Let’s Talk Money with Todd Henon and Brittany Fulmer Ennen.

Let’s Talk Money is sponsored by Evergreen Advisors and airs on weekdays at 12pm on WGOW. For the latest Current Market Data, click here.

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